Blueprint Offices

Trent and Blueprint co-founder Matt Riley

Trent Teti is a world traveler, avid photographer, and LSAT guru. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California-Berkeley, where he was also the Western United States debate champion (he likes to argue). After college, he worked as a freelance writer for Bike Magazine and spent summers living in Italy and the Netherlands.

In 2005, Trent founded Blueprint LSAT Preparation out of his condo in Los Angeles. It has since grown into the largest LSAT boutique in the country, with over 34 classroom locations. Blueprint also offers the world’s most innovative online LSAT course -- scripted, shot, and edited by Trent.

In addition to overseeing Blueprint, Trent also works in solar development. He believes that we all have a responsibility to leave the planet in better shape than we found it, and our current reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and son.