In 2005, after many years of teaching LSAT prep classes, Trent Teti was possessed by the idea that maybe studying for the LSAT didn’t have to be so freaking awful, and so he co-founded Blueprint LSAT Preparation with Jodi Triplett and Matt Riley. In the years since, Blueprint has grown immensely, expanding from four employees operating off of Trent’s couch to 19 full-time office staff, 36 classroom locations, and over 60 instructors.

Blueprint still strives to make sure its classes are interesting and entertaining enough that students will actually enjoy studying. With the recent development of a state-of-the-art iOS app, spearheaded by Trent, and the impending release of a second LSAT prep book, the company is as committed to the success of its students as it was in those halcyon couch days.

For more information, please visit Blueprint’s homepage.