In addition to his commitment to the future of the legal profession (or at least his students’ law school admissions prospects), Trent Teti is committed to the future of our planet. Thus, he founded Hazel Solar Energy with a focus on developing early to middle stage solar projects in the Western United States.  Hazel is currently dedicated to expanding California’s solar grid in order to help meet renewable energy benchmarks in 2020 and 2030.

How is Hazel doing that, you might ask? Right now, the company is working on the Bolthouse Solar Project in Southern California – two 3 MW of single axis tracking photovoltaic arrays. Bolthouse has twin goals: provide energy by spreading its solar cells across 40 acres of land directly adjacent to a substation, and beautify the property’s perimeter to ensure seamless integration into the community.  

Bolthouse will be a sterling example of the way in which a solar generation facility can be harmoniously incorporated into a residential neighborhood.

For more information, please visit Hazel Solar’s homepage.